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Investment – TIA: 49 projects reported for overall cost of 2008 MD in 2020

About fifty projects (projects costing more than 15 million dinars -MD-) have been reported to the Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA), until November 2020, for a total investment budget of 2008 MD, according to the investment projects balance sheet published Monday by the authority.

These reported projects whose number is up 63% compared to the same period of 2019 would generate 12,445 jobs, according to the TIA.

The amount of investment cumulated until November 30, 2020, recorded a slight decrease of 1% compared to the same period of 2019. That decrease is explained by the reporting, in October 2019, of a cement plant project for a consequent investment cost of 650 MD.

Excluding this operation, investments recorded until November 2020 would have posted a 46% increase.

The reported investment projects cover operations of creation and extension distributed at a rate of 27 creation projects (55%) with an investment cost of 1,179 MD and 5,681 jobs to be created and 22 extension projects (45%) with an investment cost of 829 MD and 6,764 jobs to be created.

These projects are divided between the sectors of Industry (29 projects with a cost of 1,011 MD and 9,021 jobs to be created), Renewable Energy (9 projects at a cost of 471 MD and 70 jobs), Services (8 projects at a cost of 250 MD and 2282 jobs) and Tourism (3 projects at a cost of 277 MD and 1072 jobs).

The distribution of projects operating in the manufacturing industry sector shows an important part of the electrical and mechanical industries (EMI) sector with 37% in terms of investment and 57% in terms of jobs.

Clean electricity up 38%

Ranked among the priority sectors, electricity production from renewable energies is increasingly positioned in the investment map.

With a budget of 471 million dinars, the amount of investment in the sector posted an increase of 37.8% compared to the same period in 2019.

The realization of these projects within the set deadlines would accelerate Tunisia’s energy transition plan for 2030 and would promote the development of larger-scale projects by attracting new investments.

Regional distribution of reported investment projects

Reported investment projects cover 17 governorates. The regional coverage of the projects includes the regional development areas with 20 projects that will be implemented there, i.e., 41% of the total number with an amount of 542.508 MD (27% of the total reported investments).

These projects would allow the creation of 2,824 jobs or 23% of the total number of jobs to be created.

The projects reported in regional development zones cover the sectors of industry with an investment of 416.534 MD and the renewable energy sector with an amount of 125.973 MD.

Out of the 49 reported projects, 18 projects operate under the totally exporting regime with an overall investment amount of 702 MD and 8314 jobs to be created, and 31 projects reported under the regime other than totally exporting with an investment cost of 1,306 MD and 4,131 jobs to be created.

Distribution of reported projects according to capital structure

Out of the 49 projects in question, 32 projects include foreign participation for an investment cost of 1,457 MD and would generate 10005 jobs.

According to the distribution by country of foreign participation, Germany comes first with 36% of the total projects with foreign participation, followed by France with 22% of the total investment with foreign participation.

Spain occupies the third position with 8% of investments with foreign participation.


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