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Kaïs Saïed: Tunisia is a “strong” state and is not for “sale

President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed said Tunisia’s institutions are still in place, warning against “any attempt to implode the state from within.”

Tunisia is a “strong” state. It is not for “sale” either to “thieves” or “terrorists”, he emphasised as he presided on Monday at the Palace of Carthage the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

In a video posted by the Presidency of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed stressed that he “works in full compliance with the law and the Constitution, promising to protect the country from those who lurk, and collaborate with “forces hostile” to the state.”

Regarding his opponents, Saied indicated, “It is time they understand that the Tunisian state is not an easy prey, and we will continue to work with the same commitment to preserve it.”

The Head of State criticised those who speak of freedom “restrictions”, assuring that these individuals still speak freely sometimes violating the law.

“Some of them call for disobedience while they are at liberty,” he said, adding that “all abuses have been treated with great flexibility, yet they (opponents) believe that the measures of July 25 are “draconian” and “unconstitutional.”

On the other hand, President Kaïs Saïed praised the efforts made by the armed forces, who, he said, have shown patriotism and have spared no effort to preserve the state and defend the homeland in the military and civilian areas.

In this context, Saied said he will continue to work with the same determination to “raise high the national flag.”


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