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Kenyan tea auction vibrant

A total of 7,121,188.70 kilogrammes of tea was sold Mond ay at the Mombasa auction in Kenya.

Offerings from participating countries totalled 7,922,177.70 kilogrammes compare d to the 9,883,852.20 kilogrammes sold for the same period last year.

Auction hosts Kenya led in the amounts on offer at 6,138,963 kg whereby 5,324,89 5 kg of the same was sold at an average price of US$ 2.42 for both the primary a n d main grades of tea.

Neighboring Uganda managed to sell 956,771 kg at US$ 1.92 from initial offerings that totalled 962,862 kg.

Rwanda who had offered 372,529.20 kg at the auction sold 368,992.20 kg which att racted an average price of US$ 2.29.

Burundi offered much less at 120,217 kg and managed to sell 116,535.50 kg at US$ 2.11.

Other participants included Tanzania which managed to sell 264,932 kg from offer ings amounting to 237,151.50.

Tea from Tanzania attracted an average auction price of US$ 1.66.

DR Congo sold all its 48,075 kilogrammes of tea at US$ 1.23, while Madagascar wh o offered 5,160 kg managed to sell 3,768 kg at US$ 1.88.

Malawi was also lucky to sell all its 37,220 kg of both main and secondary grade s of tea at US$ 1.16.

Meanwhile, a report from the African Tea brokers (ATB) released here indicated t hat there was good but irregular demand for the beverage at the auction which, h o wever, eased as the sale progressed.

The report indicates that there was good support from countries such as Sudan, Y emen and other Middle Eastern countries.

Other importers who were active included the United Kingdom, and Afghanistan who se interest was, however, on the lower levels, while Somalia reportedly showed g o od interest but that was towards the end of the market.

The report indicates that the current cold spell being experienced in Kenya’s te a belt is adversely affecting the production of the crop.

In Tanzania’s East Usambaras region, there are intermittent sunshine, windy and cold conditions of maximum 23 degrees Celsius and minimum of 13 degrees Celsius r eported, with rainfall recorded at 35.22 mm.

Tea growing areas of western Uganda of Fort Portal, Kibaale and Hoima received s ome rainfall recorded at 51.2 mm with Bushenyi reporting very heavy rainfall of 2 53 mm, with temperatures ranging between maximum 29 degrees Celsius and minimum o f 13 degrees Celsius.


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