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‘Lake Kivu can be vital energy source in the DRC’

The Lake Kivu, with its renewable methane reserves estimated at 55 billion cubic metres and nearly 40 billion tonnes as much in oil, could be a significant source of energy for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the “Lettre aux chargeurs”, a news bulletin published by the maritime Freight Management Office (OGEFFREM-public utility), said in its latest issue.

According to the bulletin, the reserves can meet for a century the energy needs of the country.

The “Lettre aux chargeurs” said the current production of methane gas was being carried out by the pilot unit of Cap Rubona (Gisenyi), set up by the Belgian Chemical Union in 1962.

It said the gas in the Lake Kivu could help generate enough methanol to be used as fuel for vehicles, production of methane gas for industrial fuel and provide part of the raw materials for fertiliser production.

Last March, a workshop was held in Gisenyi, during which Rwanda and the DRC explored ways to jointly develop the methane gas from the Lake Kivu.


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