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Libya moves to increase wages for civil servants

Libya has said it will seek advice from local and foreign experts before implementing any wage increases for its civil servants, according to Deputy Prime Minister in charge of development, Abdel Karim Al-Sadikh.

Al-Sadikh, who is also the Chairman of the Special Commission handing the issue, said the expertise of the Libyan Centre for Economic Research would go a long way in assisting the commission to resolve the issue.

The Commission, which draws its membership from the ministries of Labour and Training, Planning, Economy, Education and Finance, held a meeting here Tuesday to evolve scientific mechanisms of increasing wages in Libya.

Salaries in Libya remained frozen for about 25 years under the Mouammar Kadhafi regime and the result is that wages in this North African country do not reflect the GDP of the oil-rich country.

Libya is the second largest producer and exporter of oil in Africa after Nigeria, but has the largest oil reserves on the continent.

Because of low wages, Libyan civil servants do other jobs to augment their primary jobs.

During Kadhafi’s iron-hand rule and the absence of civil society organizations, it became a taboo for Libyans to demand higher wages.

Analysts believe that a wage hike and the cessation of food aid to meet consumption needs will put an end to smuggling across the border.

The commission has also called for the speedy registration of employees to stamp out double wage earning in the country.


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