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Libya: North Korea disowns oil-stealing vessel

North Korea has disowned the vessel which illegally loaded a shipment of crude oil from a militia-held port in Libya, the local media reported Thursday.

The report quoted North Korea’s official news agency as saying the vessel, Morning Glory, belongs to Egypt.

The agency quoted a spokesman of the Korean navy as saying the vessel is an Egyptian ship flying the North Korean flag for a duration of six months in accordance with an agreement signed with Pyongyang.

The unidentified spokesman said North Korea had ended the agreement due to the illegal shipment.

Libya had informed North Korea of the agreement signed by the vessel with armed groups to load crude oil, after having illegally entered a port in eastern Libya.

The escape of the vessel from the Libyan navy which had impounded it has been partly blamed for the vote of no confidence which parliament passed on Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who has now been replaced.


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