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Libya, Tunisia reopen Ras Jadir border crossing

The Ras Jadir border between Libya and Tunisia, was reopened Sunday after the two countries reached an agreement on safety control and trade measures.

Considered to be the main border crossing for goods and people between the two countries, Ras Jadir has been closed several times, the last time being last week.

The closures had resulted in the blockade of the movement of freights in both directions for more than two months.

Following the closures, border residents who earn their living from trans-border trade rioted near the Tunisian city of Ben Gardane, near Ras Jadir.

Libyan authorities had closed the border, citing safety reasons, before reopening it to allow lorries carrying goods get to their Libyan destinations.

The Libyan authorities later imposed taxes on goods imported by Tunisian traders from Libyan markets, a move the Tunisians objected to.


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