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Majority of Mena staff ‘loyal to company’

While 90 per cent of employees in the Mena region claim to be loyal to their company, 58 per cent are satisfied with their current employment with 27 per cent of these being ‘very satisfied’, a report said.

However, 61 per cent do not feel that they are well compensated in their current job, according to a ‘Work Satisfaction in the Mena’ poll conducted by Bayt.com, the region’s number one job site.

Seven out of 10 like the company that they work for, while 80 per cent are proud of their employer’s brand and 94 per cent say that their job is meaningful to them, the survey showed.

When asked if they feel challenged in their current position, 83 per cent stated yes, with a further three quarters claiming that their job stresses them either ‘occasionally’ (39 per cent) or ‘most of the time’ (35 per cent). Most feel that they are growing and learning in their job (although 35 per cent would like to grow more).

In terms of possibilities for promotion, a quarter (23 per cent) said that there are ‘plenty’ of opportunities in their company, while 38 per cent stated that there are none.

A third (32 per cent) of poll respondents claimed that the thing they would most like to change about their job is their salary. Other respondents would like to change their role and responsibilities (23 per cent), or their training and development path (20 per cent).

“There is a general level of satisfaction with their employment situation amongst the majority of people across the MENA region, though there are clearly areas in which employees wish their company would improve,” said Suhail Masri, VP of Sales, Bayt.com.

“These seem to be mostly incentive-based, which suggests companies looking to reduce churn should consider more training and motivation schemes for their staff.

“At Bayt.com, which was twice consecutively voted among Top Ten Places To Work in the UAE by GPTW, we gather information from the region’s job seekers, employers and employees, to create a comprehensive picture of the Mena workplace environment,” Masri added.

Management style plays a significant role in employee levels of satisfaction, with the majority (45 per cent) of poll respondents stating that they are supervised ‘just right’; that their management’s expectations of them are mostly realistic (according to 60 per cent), and that the communication channels in their company are open (70 per cent – though 36 per cent of these state that they are not open enough).

“Communicating openly, honestly and often is one of our key values at bayt.com and repeated HR surveys we conduct across the region emphasize the importance of maintaining transparent open communication channels to ensure maximum employee engagement and lift employee morale which directly affects output and productivity,” said Masri.

“Our emphasis on communication is manifested both internally via various structured and unstructured mechanisms as well as externally through our bayt.com Blog, Jobseeker Career Digests, Recommended Jobs mailers, Jobs alerts, and various other newsletters and bulletins.”

Only 28 per cent of polled professionals said that their management was unprofessional. A further 13 per cent claimed that their co-workers were unprofessional, though 95 per cent stated that they do in fact get along with their co-workers.


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