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Mauritians launch Mauritius-Africa Business Club

A group of Mauritian intellectuals and businessmen have launched a Mauritius-Africa Business Club in a bid to assemble all Mauritians having business interest in Africa.

The club will promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences, establish a network among the members and set up a platform for interaction with foreign operators coming to the island, PANA reported on Saturday from the Mauritian capital, Port-Louis.

The objective is also to promote investments is Africa.

The promoters believe Mauritius can be for the African continent what Singapore is to Asia.

“It is about its growing the manufacturing and service industries. It is about a class of African entrepreneurs who are ambitiously taking the lead,” they said.

“A number of these entrepreneurs are already using Mauritius as a platform for managing their investment. A number of Mauritian companies have been and are similarly investing in the region mainly but not exclusively in agro-industry and banking from Mozambique to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia.”

Mauritian Foreign Affairs Minister Arvin Boolell saluted the courage of Mauritians who have so far invested in Africa in spite of the difficulties, especially in Mozambique.

“We are all Africans,” he said, adding that Mauritian investors in Africa should not only position themselves to exploit the trade and economic facilities but also participate fully in the development of Africa.


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