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Mauritius introduces Integrated Electricity Plan

Mauritius has presented a new Integrated Electricity Plan covering the period 2013-2022 that gives an overview of its strategies to address the energy challenges of the island, PANA reported Wednesday.

General Manager of the Central Electricity Board (CEB) Shiam Thannoo said the primary objective of the plan is to create a sufficiently broad energy portfolio to safeguard the island against energy security concerns and price instability, while being sensitive to environmental imperatives.

”Mauritius will invest some 18 billion rupees (US$610 million) in the coming ten years to generate electricity from different sources that include renewal energy like photo-voltaic and solar,” he said.

Thannoo said by the end of the 10-year planning period, the forecast peak power demand in Mauritius will reach 574 MW under the Base-Case scenario and could be as high as 702MW under the High-Case scenario.

Besides the addition of a 100 MW power plant that is being implemented presently, two new firms with a generation capacity of 50MW each will be required in 2012 and 2017, he said at the presentation Tuesday.

Presently, the island produces electricity mainly from fossil fuel, a mixture of bagasse and coal, hydro and a bit of solar energy.


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