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Mobile payment: new digital wallet launched

A new mobile payment app (digital wallet) has been launched in Tunisia. It allows each Tunisian to create their virtual wallet on their mobile, receive money, and pay with ease, said Minister of Finance Mohamed Nizar Yaich on Tuesday.

“All the technical, financial, legal, process, training and communication aspects have been defined and put in place in few weeks,” he said.

The digital wallet will be operational starting May 6, to distribute social support via around 4,000 distributing points: post offices, banks and ATMs.

“In a second step, we can use it to rationalise social support and deliver grants directly to those who need them,” said the minister.

The Ministry of Finance had already announced that an agreement for the launch of a digital wallet was signed on Monday by the ministries of finance and social affairs, the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), the Tunisian Post, the Tunisian electronic banking company, the Tunisian professional association of banks and financial establishments, and the IT centre of the Ministry of Finance.


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