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Mozambique airline resumes flights to Harare

Mozambique’s national airline, LAM, said Monday it would resume flights to Harare at the end of the month following steady economic recovery in Zimbabwe.

The airline stopped flights to Harare a few years ago when Zimbabwe dipped into an economic crisis with inflation running at over 100,000 percent, and its currency, the dollar, worth billions to the greenback.

But a coalition government, which came into office in 2009, has now managed to stabilise the economy, and replaced the local currency with the greenback, among other other economic measures taken.

LAM said it would start with twice weekly flights to Harare from Maputo and the port city of Beira on Wednesdays and Sundays from 31 October, 2012.

Meanwhile, Emirates Airlines also announced Monday that it would increase flights to Harare from Dubai from three times a week to daily with immediate effect.

The airline started plying the the Dubai-Harare-Lusaka-Dubai route at the beginning of the year. It said the increase in the flight frequency was due to strong demand.

Air travel in Zimbabwe is dominated by foreign carriers, mainly South African Airways, after Air Zimbabwe was grounded a few years ago because of viability and certification problems with IATA.


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