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Oman’s IT sector to grow 10 pc in 2011

The Sultanate’s thriving Information Technology services industry is poised to grow by 10 per cent and is all set to reach $0.53 billion by 2011. The country, along with Qatar, Bahrain, and Jordan, will play significant role in the Middle East IT services market, which is to hit $3.5 billion by next year, according to recent reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

“Following the decline in 2009, the IT services market in the Middle East region is poised for another round of growth in 2010”, said Anjan Lahiri, President and CEO, IT Services, MindTree, India. “Companies in the region are becoming increasingly interested in deploying high-end technologies to gain competitive advantage and save costs. Through the years, leading players have partnered with major technology players in the region, and delivered leading edge solutions to their potential customers”, Lahiri said.

He revealed that IT companies in this region are gearing up to address the need by further strengthening their alliance management, boosting its sales force, initiating and reinforcing strategic partnerships with local companies, and focusing on key sectors such as the government and the manufacturing industry. The study also outlines the need for decision-makers to have access to accurate intelligence at their fingertips


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