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Saudi, UAE women spend $135 on beauty goods

A quarter of women in Saudi Arabia and the UAE spend up to $135 per month on beauty products, according to a new research.

Brand reputation and peer-to-peer recommendation have been identified as the main factors driving the growth of the Gulf beauty industry, said the Jergens research.

The research was conducted in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in conjunction with YouGov Siraj among 500 women between 20 and 35 years of age.

The Saudi market is predicted to see a 6 per cent increase in overall sales of beauty and personal care products by 2017.

The respondents believed that a woman’s physical appearance is linked to her success, with 92 per cent of women in Saudi and 86 per cent in UAE viewing ‘looking good’ as an essential factor in achieving their goals. Almost half of those in Saudi admitted that they would avoid a personal or professional meeting if they did not feel their best, said the study.

“The launch of the Jergens Creams collection marks our entry into a new product category. Previously, our portfolio was focused on lotions but extensive market research we have conducted in the Middle East has revealed high usage of moisturisers among women, leading to the expansion of our product line in the region,” said a Jergens spokesperson.

According to the survey, two out of five women apply body moisturiser multiple times daily with 49 per cent of Asian expats in the UAE applying body moisturiser as much as three times a day.

The Jergens creams collection, now available in stores in the UAE and Saudi Arabia is formulated for long-lasting hydration, deep conditioning and visibly healthier-looking skin, said a statement.

The collection is available in four fragrances including enriching shea butter, softening musk, hydrating coconut milk and soothing aloe vera.


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