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Second Arab Conference on Statistics opens

The second Arab Conference on Statistics began on Monday i n Sirte, central Libya, on the theme â?No statistics, No developmentâ?.

The conference is being held by the Libyan general office for information and statistics with the cooperation of the Arab Institute for Training and Social Researches.

Some 45 papers will be presented by statistics lecturers and experts particularl y on economic indicators and their importance regarding the millennium developme n t goals, economic and social development, human development as well as indicator s related to gender and the strengthening of capacities for statistics personnel.

According to the organisers, the conference aims at laying emphasis on the importance of statistics on development, the role of statistical services on development process and strengthening of Arab capacities in this domain.

It also intends to increase the quality of statistics, promote the creation of developed systems in statistics and promote relations between academic and applied aspects as far as the matter is concerned.

Speeches made during the opening session stressed the importance of statistical information, the use of new methods of statistics for valid and sound decision m a king related to the creation of a scientific platform for human and sustained de v elopment and the building of modern human societies.

Lecturers also asked for the activation, consolidation of cooperation and sharing of expertise within Arab statistical services, universities and institut ions which are interested in information and data sciences.

Emphasis was also laid on the role of research centres on statistics and researchers to help statistics services to promote their action as well as the importance of the Arab common cooperation, the sharing of experiences and expertise within statistics institutions to overcoming the obstacles and difficulties during the drafting of statistical information and data.

The second Arab conference on statistics awarded the prize for the “Best Arab Work on Statistics for 2009” to the Jordanian statistics ministry for its study on â?Child Labour in 2009â?. 




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