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Some Mouammar Kadhafi family members seek refuge in Oman

Some members of the Mouammar Kadhafi family, who had taken refuge in Algeria since the fall of former government, have voluntarily moved on to Oman for the same purpose, Amar Belani, spokesman of the Algerian Foreign Affairs department, confirmed Tuesday.

Quoted by Algeria Press Service (APS), Mr. Belani said that their departure followed a joint decision of the three countries — Algeria, Libya and Oman.

Local media had said on Tuesday that Omani authorities had granted asylum to members of the Kadhafi family, including his wife, Safia on humanitarian ground.

Belani said only Kadhafi’s sons under 18 and women are involved in the movement, saying that they prohibited from engaging in political or media activities while in Oman.

Kadhafi’s wife, Safia, and three of her children, Aisha, Hannibal and Mohammed, fled to Algeria in August 2011 after Tripoli fell to former rebels.

One other Kadhafi son, Saadi, fled to Niger in September 2011 while three others died during the crisis.

They were Moatassim who was killed in the region of Sirte, Seif Arab who died in April in an air raid conducted by NATO forces and Khamis, killed in the fighting in August.

Seif Islam, 41, was arrested in November 2011 in Libya.


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