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Tunis Stock Exchange: Total revenues of listed companies up 11.5% in 2023

The results for the year 2023 of the 65 listed companies that have published their financial statements so far have improved by 11.5% compared to 2022, reaching a total of TND 2,643 million, according to the report “Trends in the annual results of listed companies” published by the Tunis Stock Exchange.

Of the 65 out of 77 listed companies that published their 2023 annual results, 34 reported an increase in profits.

Of the Tunindex companies, 20 accounted for 83% of the total revenue in 2023, with a total of TND 2,205 million, an increase of 16.5% compared to 2022.

Earnings growth by sector

In the financial sector, the 12 listed banks generated total revenues of TND 1,543 million, up 8.5% on 2022.

The 7 listed leasing companies saw a sharp increase in their total annual profit, up 25.6% to TND 105.2 million from TND 83.8 million the previous year.

The 6 listed insurance companies saw a slight improvement of 3.4% in their total annual profit to TND 138 million compared to TND 133 million in 2022.

For all the companies in the financial sector (28 companies), their total annual result increased by 9% compared to 2022, with a total amount of TND 1,815 million compared to TND 1,664 million in 2022.

On another front, it is important to note the importance of the financial sector in the activity of the Tunisian financial market (more than half of the market capitalisation). In this respect, the total result of the financial sector represents 69% of the total result of all listed companies.

In the consumer goods sector, the total profit for 2023 rose sharply by 25.5%.

The total annual profit of the three big agri-food groups (Poulina Group Holding, Délice Holding and SFBT) increased by 26.9% to TND 509 million, compared to TND 401 million in 2022.

The total profit of the consumer services sector in 2023 was flat compared to the previous year.

For the two listed supermarket chains (Monoprix and Magasin General), the overall annual result showed a deficit of TND 41 million, in line with the previous year’s loss of 47.5 million.

For the listed car dealers (excluding UADH, which has not yet published its annual accounts for 2023), the overall result fell slightly by 7.3% to TND 100 million, compared with TND 108 million in 2022.

Overall, five of the nine sectors recorded positive performances in 2023. The best performance came from the telecommunications sector, followed by the industrial sector.

In terms of sub-sectors, seven showed positive developments, with the two sub-sectors ‘Construction & Construction Materials’ and ‘Industrial Goods & Services’ showing the strongest growth.


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