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Tunisia: 20,000 jobs to be created by Ain Karma industrial area

Development of the new industrial area to be created in Ain Karma, Sakiet Sidi Youssef (Governorate of Kef), will start within a maximum period of three months, said, Wednesday, Mohamed Lamine Chakhari, Minister of Industry and Trade .

The new area, which will be built in several stages, will cover an area of 180 hectares of state land. It will house, among others, residential buildings, luxury housing, a sports complex, an indoor pool and green spaces.

Other components of the area: spaces developed for industrial usages, banking institutions, restaurants, a school, a waste treatment plant and a sanitation plant, in addition to 14 hectares of land dedicated to industrial technology.

The new industrial area, once ready, will certainly help improve road infrastructure, connecting the region to the rail network and create 20,000 jobs, according to data presented at an event held on Wednesday, on the occasion.

The Minister of Industry said that efforts are currently focused on optimizing the operation of the engine factory in Sakiet Sidi Youssef.

Regarding the Sra Werten mine, Mr. Chakhari recalled that the administration of the project, which will soon start production, is already operational. The project, whose cost is estimated between 3 and 4 billion dinars, will create two thousand jobs.


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