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Tunisia: 40% rise in olive production expected in Beja

A 40 pc rise in olive production is expected in the region of Beja compared with the last season, according to the local farming authorities.

Production is expected to exceed 36,000 tons of olives, compared with 25,300 tons last season.

A significant rise in olive oil production estimated at 6,000 tons against 4,100 tons is also expected in the region.

Harvest has started in several localities of the region which is experiencing strong economic dynamics during the olive picking and processing season.

Some 3,300 workers are hired during this season which offers over 33,000 working days.

The Beja olive groves cover 32,250 hectares and have 3.7 million olive trees, 28,100 hectares of which for the production of crushing olives and 4,150 hectares of table olives.

Organic olive groves cover 1,238 hectares in Beja.


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