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Tunisia: 6,300 jobs destroyed in tourism sector (2008-2016)

According to the Tunisian Economic Observatory (OTE), job creation in the tourism sector is exposed to fluctuations in external demand from historical target markets (mainly European).

According to the same source, the job destruction phase was triggered by the 2009 crisis and worsened after the 2011 revolution until 2012 with a cumulative loss of 21,000 jobs over 3 years.

Subsequently, between 2013 and 2014, the tourism sector created almost 20,000 jobs, thus helping to fill the job losses suffered since 2009.

OTE also noted that in 2015, the year of terrorist attacks in tourist areas, the tourism sector destroyed more than 21,000 jobs, thus erasing the recovery of the previous two years.

“Cumulatively, over the period 2008-2016 (only years available), the tourism sector has destroyed 6,300 jobs,” the source added.


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