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HomeNewsTunisia 74th globally with $30.1 billion in external debt (Global firepower)

Tunisia 74th globally with $30.1 billion in external debt (Global firepower)

According to a ranking of the external debt of 137 countries in the world by “Global Firepower”, Tunisia was ranked 74th with of 30.060 billion USD of external debt.

Better than Tunisia in the Arab world, there is Jordan with $ 29.340 billion, Algeria with $ 6.260 billion, Mauritania with $ 4.150 billion and Libya with € 3.020 billion.

The smallest external debt, with only $ 0.539 billion, is in Turkmenistan.

The most indebted countries in the world are in fact the 5 largest economic powers.

These countries are also among the richest in the world. The most indebted country in the world, according to the same source, is the US whose external debt is estimated at $ 17,910

billion, followed by the UK which manages an external debt of € 8,126 billion USD and France with 5.360 billion USD.


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