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Tunisia: Agricultural investments rise by 9.8% in 2015

Agricultural investment increased by 9.8% to 683.5 million Tunisian dinars (MTD) between 2014 and 2015. These are categories “b” and “c” projects (more than 60,000 dinars and over 25,200 dinars, respectively) approved by the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investments (APIA).

According to statistical data of the APIA, investments in agricultural activities reached 453.7 MTD, while those in the fisheries sector have not exceeded 43 MTD.

The investment volume achieved in the first integrated processing sector is estimated at 41 MTD in 2015, against 10.1 MTD in 2014, with the approval of 12 investment operations in the extraction and packaging of edible oils at a rate of 23 MTD and 14 investment operations in the refrigerated storage of agricultural products at a rate of 10.9 MTD.

The approved investments in services related to farming and fishing, were nearly 113.1 MTD in 2015, against 87 MTD in 2014. These mainly relate to the collection and storage of cereals (15.5 MD) and services for land preparation and harvesting (7.7 MTD), while investment in milk collection centers have stabilized at around 16 MTD. Arboriculture investments rose to 153.3 MTD in 2015 from 108.7 MTD in 2014.

Regarding Agricultural Valorization and Development Companies (SMVDA), their investments fell from 55.8 MTD in 2014 to 18.9 MTD in 2015. Similarly, investments in integrated farming have dropped to 69.5 MTD in 2015 from 106.6 MTD in 2014, following the rise in production costs, which resulted in a regression of livestock purchases.

Investments in market gardening also fell to 33 MTD in 2015, against 42 MTD in 2014, following rising costs and marketing difficulties.

Job positions created for graduates through these investments amounted to 5,635 positions in 2015, while investments by new promoters have stabilized at around 27.5 MTD.

For bank loans, they fell from 89.4 MTD in 2014 to 76.8 MTD in 2015. Foreign-invested assets rose to 14.2 MTD in 2015 from 6 MTD, a year earlier.


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