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Tunisia: Algerians defy terrorist threats and come in large numbers

More than half a million Algerians crossed the Tunisian border in the first half of the year, according to police border services, quoted by the Algeria-Focus portal which adds that the second half will see more than 700,000 Algerians who travel especially in the high season and during the year-end holidays.

The average travel of Algerians in Tunisia has increased significantly during this month of July, according to the same source. This average is expected to increase in August and the year-end, according to the police borders. The latter said the largest influx was recorded at the centers of Oum Teboul and El Ayoun in the wilaya of El Taref, which topped the list nationally during the first half of the current year in terms of travel to Tunisia.

According to the departments concerned, the border crossing of Oum Tboul is the favorite for the majority of inhabitants of the provinces of northern Algeria travelling to Tunisia, with a percentage of 22% compared to other border posts.

Furthermore, during the first half of the year, border police recorded the passage of 473,180 people and cars between Algeria and Tunisia at the two border crossings of Oum El Ayoun and Tboul.

The same source pointed out a statistical convergence of entry and exit movement with a difference in the number of foreigners and Algerians who are the most likely to return to Tunisia.

These figures relayed by Arabic daily El Khabar prove that the terrorist threat to Tunisia, especially after the recent attack in Sousse, has not discouraged the Algerians for whom Tunisia remains the best destination to spend the summer holidays.


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