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Tunisia-Banks: more than one billion TD pay in 2015

The total salary mass of all Tunisian banks (the sum of the gross salaries of employees, payroll taxes and benefits in kind and in cash) reached 1,165.5 MTD in 2015, against 1,081.1 MTD in 2014, at a rate lower than that recorded a year earlier, i.e. 84.4 MTD or 7.8% against 113.3 MTD or 11.7%.

This increase is mainly due to the statutory increase in wages relative to 2015 and the impact of the professional structure of the workforce. This is what came out from the 2015 report of the Professional Association of Banks in Tunisia.

Compared to the overall size of the banks of the place, this would give an average annual remuneration of more than 54 thousand TD and an average monthly remuneration of 4.5 thousand TD per employee.

According to the same source, “the remuneration of the incumbents continued to increase in 2015 to reach 831.5 MTD against 761.7 MTD in 2014, up 9.2% against 10.1% a year Previously.

This increase is mainly due to the rise in the base salary by 30.5 MTD, the profit-sharing by 11.6 MTD and the performance bonus by approximately 9 MTD.

The base salary, which accounts for 43.7% of the increase in the remuneration of the incumbents, reached 436.4 MTD against 405.9 MTD in 2014, up 7.5% at the end of 2015 against 8.6% At the end of 2014.

Executives and senior managers account for 30.3 MTD and 31.1 MTD respectively, i.e. a total of 61.4 MTD or 88% of the increase in the remuneration of permanent staff.

This increase is mainly attributable to the rise in the number of employees in these two occupational categories by 514 persons in 2015.

By the end of 2015, premiums allocated to permanent staff increased by 6.1 MTD or 2.9%, reaching 216.1 MTD compared to 210 MTD in 2014. Similarly, the compensation increased by 16.6% as against 13.9% to reach 91.4 MTD against 78.4 MTD a year earlier.

The premiums and allowances allocated to these staff represent 18.6% and 7.8% of the incumbent personal remuneration “.


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