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Tunisia: BCT Executive Board preparing for urgent action

The Executive Board of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), on Monday, held its first meeting in its new composition, following the adoption of the law on the status of the BCT.

The discussions focused mainly on pressures on the external sector during the recent period, caused by the slippage of the current deficit and the decline in revenues from foreign investment and external financing and the impact of foreign currency reserves and the exchange rate of the dinar, and the short-term risks that could be induced by the continuation of these pressures.

To this end, proposals for urgent measures that the Central Bank must implement were examined.

The meeting held Monday focused on monitoring by the Central Bank of recent developments in the international economic situation and analysis of the key economic, monetary and financial indicators, as well as the main developments in the economic situation nationally.

Indicators relating to the activity of the banking sector and the development of transactions on the money market and the foreign exchange market were also reviewed.

The Board also discussed the potential impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union “Brexit” on the prospects of the domestic economy, particularly regarding trade, investment and bilateral economic and financial cooperation.


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