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Tunisia: budget deficit improves by 840 million dinars at end October 2018

The examination of the provisional results of the execution of the state budget at the end of October 2018 shows a budget deficit of 3.59 billion dinars against a deficit of 4.42 billion during the same period of t 2017, i.e. an improvement of 840 million dinars or 19%, Ilboursa reported.

In fact, the State’s own resources increased during the first ten months of the year by 14.8% or 2.8 billion dinars to 22.27 billion dinars.

This growth is explained, on the one hand, by the rise of tax revenues by 15.4% to 20.2 billion dinars and non-fiscal revenues by 9.3% to 2 billion dinars, on the other hand.

On the other hand, borrowing and cash resources decreased by 8.2% at the end of October to 7.87 billion dinars against 8.58 billion a year earlier.

As for total expenditure, it rose by 7.8% from 27.9 billion dinars at the end of October 2017 to 30.15 billion at the end of last October including 25.8 billion of expenditures excluding principal debt, up 9.1%.

The 2018 budget law provides for tax revenues of 23.5 billion dinars (+ 10.8%), expenditure of 35.95 billion (+ 4.8%) and a budget deficit of 5.2 billion dinars, or 4.9% of GDP.


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