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Tunisia: Business Academy to rebuild the economy

Four months after the fall of Ben Ali and in a country undergoing democratic transition, Jamel Houas, Director General of KARTAGENE and first operator in knowledg engineering “can take the temperature of entrepreneurship in Tunisia and launch his Soliman Business Academy the first and only event of its kind in Tunisia.

Can you tell us from which concept and idea came the event?

The concept is simple: to create entrepreneurs, we need not geniuses, we do not need very bright youth, but just young people who like to start their own businesses. The event is spread over three consecutive Sundays.

The first is the creation of dream, the second is technical and management training and the third provides for meetings with finance companies. The aim is to initiate this venture with maximum background and contacts.

Why have you chosen that Soliman Business Academy be based on a concept that is less developed in Tunisia, which is entrepreneurship?

In this post-revolution or reconstruction phase, the new Tunisia needs more than ever entrepreneurship as a true launching pad for the national economy. It is one of important meeting points of the government efforts in the fight against unemployment and those of academia concerned with providing training leading to opportunities in the job market.

For that, I took the initiative to inculcate the spirit of initiative among our young Tunisians.

For the choice of this region, this is my city and my origins, not to mention its economic potential. Personally, I consider Soliman among the few towns where you can do everything, all sectors can be developed and I would like to see one day the Gate of Cap Bon (Soliman) become its economic capital.

Do you think the platform of Soliman provides a niche for new projects tailored to the needs of youth in this stage?

A thousand times yes, if we see that in every economic sector, there is a national or global titan settled in our area, it does not come by chance but is the result of several strategic studies that should be drawn in.

What about the program?

Training courses are spread over 3 Sundays and they are led by experts and consultants well known in the business world. <

1st Sunday: Planting the dream

* Nadem Bardaa: presentation entitled: “active citizen, young entrepreneur, consultant and trainer in personal development

* Ikbal Elloumi: presentation entitled: “it does not happen only to others,” businessman and consultant

* Billel Bouraoui: testimonies of an entrepreneur in social networks

 2nd Sunday: Training Academy

* Benefits of investment for new promoters: a senior official of the API

* Economic Survey of Business Plan: Mrs. Salma Baghdadi, Co-founder of Scolaridée France.

* Financial study: Malek Sahli, accountant. <

* Communicate your project to ensure its success: communication expert.

3rd Sunday:


* Banks

* Business angels

* Businessmen

* Support Fund

* Investment Expert

For the third Sunday of training, 12 financial institutions will be present to help young people financially to set up their projects.

Which institutions are involved in this event?

SICARS, banks, busines angels and funds to support entrepreneurship.

Could this strategic approach consolidate the business climate in a changing and uncertain context to enable young entrepreneurs to move to a higher level of activity?

We can not talk about democracy without talking about a real economy, based on SMEs. In this framework and if we study the more developed economies in the world, we see that the creation of businesses is the driving force that creates value while reducing unemployment and contributing to building a richer, stronger and especially more influential country vis-à-vis the world.

That is why the business fabric must should as soon as possible recover its cruising speed to ensure a rapid economic recovery. We wish in this context that the Suliman Business Academy will become a tradition that will help rebuild our country.


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