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Tunisia: corruption and mismanagement of public funds continued in H1 of 2012 (ATCP)

Corruption and mismanagement of public funds continued in the first half of 2012, said Mr. Lotfi Dridi, a member of the Tunisian Association of Controllers (ATCP).

Continued monitoring missions in various public institutions is evidence of the existence of corruption in these institutions, he said Tuesday at a press conference devoted to the presentation of the activity of the association.

“It is natural that the phenomenon of corruption spreads after any revolution, particularly in the workings of the State which are, in most cases, in a weak position.”

He pointed out that public control is the verification of the different modes of management in all public or semi-public institutions and structures that are directly or indirectly subsidized by the state.

Mr. Karim Belhaj Aissa (member of the association), said that negotiations between the government and control structures are currently underway for the amendment of the rules within these structures.

The objective is to allow control structures to publish their reports in accordance with international standards.

President of the association, Mrs. Samiha Salmani presented, on this occasion, the objectives of the Association launched in August 2012, and stressed the need to ensure the independence of the activity of public control and conformity with current international standards.

She announced the organization of a conference on the audit of public procurement in January 2013.

It should be noted that the number of controllers does not exceed currently 60.


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