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Tunisia-CTN: promotional rates on Marseille and Genoa

The Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN) announced in a statement the launch of promotional fares in favor of Tunisian expatriates on the lines of Marseille and Genoa.

Tunisian families will enjoy a reduction of 30% on 65% of trips scheduled from June 1 to July 4 and from August 5 to September 30 from Europe to Tunisia.

The company has also granted a preferential rate on its voyages on Tunisia-Europe line, during the period from June 1 to July 31 and from 10 until late September.

For example, the real price of the Marseille-Tunis-Marseille (for two people and a car) dropped from 3,153.860 dinars to 1,334.600 dinars after discount.

The price of the preferential rate of Genoa-Tunisia-Genoa line reached 1,238.440 dinars against a normal price of 2,561.200 dinars.


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