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Tunisia: date exports have already brought 496.6 MD in 2019

Date export receipts have increased by 23.5% to 496.6 million dinars since the start of the export season compared to the same period last season, which benefited from the growing demand for the Maghreb markets amounting to more than 18 thousand tons.

Tunisia exported more than 70 thousand tons against 66 thousand tons worth 401.9 million dinars during the last season, posting a growth of 6% in volume, according to data published Thursday by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries.

Demand from the Maghreb went up 26.5% (18,566 tons), the Spanish market absorbed quantities of more than 5,454.7 tons and Italy 5,453.2 tons.

Exports to the United States continue to rise to 4,570.2 tons during this season against 366.5 tons during the same period last year, recording an increase of nearly 25%.


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