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Tunisia-EU: PASRI to boost innovation and employment

A project to support the research and innovation system (PASRI) will be launched next year in Tunis.

The project aims to provide urgent solutions to research and innovation problems in Tunisia and energize employment by strengthening ties between research and production systems.

The PASRI, which will be achieved through investments worth 12 million Euros (a European Union donation), also seeks to boost the economy’ competitiveness, particularly through training of highly qualified skills in research and innovation management trades.

Reinforcing partnership between Tunisia and Europe in research and innovation fields is also one of the objectives of this project.

The diagnosis of the sector’s situation in Tunisia reveals the lack of a pertinent and vigorous national innovation system and the persistent weakness of partnership between universities and businesses.

These factors impede the development of the scientific research and innovation sector, according to participants in a workshop held on Monday.

Researchers from Tunisia, France, United Kingdom, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon took part in this workshop, organized by the National Science and Technology Observatory on the theme: ” Research and Innovation Activities in the Mediterranean Region: for Scientific Co-operation Indicators.”


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