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Tunisia: exports to Turkey and Spain decline by half

Tunisia’s external trade posted an increase of 3.6 % in January 2014, with a rise in exports to the European Union.

This increase is explained by improved sales to Germany (44.5%), Italy (11.1%), and France (5.3%), said the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Total exports to the EU accounts for 74.8 % of the overall Tunisian exports, posting a growth of 2.3%

Tunisia’s exports to Russia, China and the USA, went up 30.3 %, 12.3% and 8.6%, respectively, while exports to Libya, Turkey and Spain fell 23.6%, 42.3 % and 58.7 %, respectively.

The amount recorded in Tunisia’s trade deficit is explained by a deficit with Spain (55.9 MTD), Italy (44.7 MTD), and China (210.5 MTD), despite its surplus balance with France (83.8 MTD) Germany (40.3 MTD) and Libya (73 MTD).


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