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Tunisia: FFF offers between 7 and 20,000 TD for small non-profit projects

As part of its program of support to Tunisian civil society, the Foundation for the Future (FFF) launched a program to finance small non-profit projects targeting Tunisian associations.

The purpose of this program is to provide funds to small organizations with projects on topics of local governance, elections and women’s rights.

The Foundation for the Future provides funding of 7,000 to 20,000 TD for projects whose duration does not exceed eight months. This funding program aims to quickly provide associations with funds to implement projects that meet critical needs.

The program also aims to allow nascent associations to manage small projects in order to contribute to their growth. In this sense, procedures are streamlined and selection criteria are less stringent in order to offer a chance to associations whose skills in designing projects are not advanced.

Associations whose projects are selected will receive coaching from the FFF to supervise them and they can take greater advantage of the experience. Following the success of the first experience of this program which benefited, in April 2012, twelve Tunisian associations, FFF wishes to renew the experience with a new group for the year 2013.


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