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Tunisia: FTH must play its full role nationally and internationally

The Tunisian Hotel Trade Federation (FTH) seems committed to renovation to be better able to assist professionals in their quest for market share while the global and Mediterranean Industry is now negotiating bends which concern primarily the Tunisian tourism.
This site opens with a diagnosis which study has been entrusted to the consulting office “ACC”. Ali Chelbi, General Manager of the office explained it.

What is the purpose of this study and what are its axes?

The study that we’re conducting with the FTH aims to make the diagnosis of the Federation while proposing a scheme to make it more efficient. This study will also concern the mission of the federation as well as its mode of operation, its organization, its status and mode of financing (means that should be made available).
Indeed, ACC provides services for companies in terms of advice for improving their performance as well as another activity for strategic studies.
Funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) with a budget of about 120 thousand dinars, this study began ten days ago following the signing of a contract, and it will span 6 months.

How will it be conducted?

This study has two phases: diagnosis and proposal.
Regarding the first phase, it also includes an analysis of the current operation of the FTH and an analysis of the actions that the Federation has conducted over recent years. Another diagnosis will be made and will also help, among others, assess the institutional relations of the Federation with its domestic and foreign partners. Note also that a survey will be conducted on a number of operators, hotels and institutions to take stock of the relationship between the FTH and its environment. The goal is to try to create better synergy between the two parties. 

Have you selected a benchmark to conduct the study?

There will be a phase of benchmarking with a number of countries either partners or competitors to focus on the operation of FTH in these countries. In general, we can say that the first phase is very important even at the level of planning and after this there will be a report which will present results that provide a little sketch of the development prospects of the Federation. We will present the report during a workshop organized in collaboration with various stakeholders where we will discuss the initial findings.”

In a second step, the restructuring plan should provide adequate responses to the shortcomings and deficiencies noted in the diagnostic phase, for the Federation to be recognized as a national employers’ organization while encouraging the contribution of hotel industry to the national economy. Of course, there will be a final workshop of evaluation and recommendation.

When has process of reflection on this study started?

Reflecting on this study began several years ago. The question that was raised: how to involve more professionals in developing the sector? The timing now is actually quite appropriate especially since it comes in the wake of the national consultation on the outcome of the strategic study for tourism development by 2016. One hundred and sixty measures were recommended and commissions were formed to carry out these actions. I think this study is part of these recommendations, knowing that the strategic study has placed great emphasis on the contribution of the profession to promoting tourism.
This study comes at a critical time so that the FTH can fit into the framework of the recommendations of this strategic study. I think the environment is very favorable for the proper conduct of this study.

How do you see the prospects of FTH?

For the future of FTH and especially the coming years, the prospects are very encouraging, and it is the right time to tackle the restructuring. In fact, there are two measures that were taken recently by the authorities in charge of tourism. They provide for the creation of two structures. The first is involved in training and the second in promotion. In this context, the FTH should play fully its role on the national and international scene and be able to effectively fulfill its obligations towards its members and its national and international partners.


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