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Tunisia: GDP at -2.2% in 2011 (INS)

GDP in Tunisia declined to -2.2% in 2011, according to final figures released by the National Statistics Institute “INS” (national accounts).

This rate reflects the continued recession of the national economy despite the gradual improvement in the growth rate from one quarter to another.

GDP fell to -1.4% in Q4 of 2011, year on year, compared with Q4 of 2010.

Non-agricultural GDP declined by -2.3% in Q4 of 2011 (year on year), as a result of the fall in the rate of growth of manufactured industries (-5.3%) and the value added of non-manufactured industries (-9.6%) as well as the market services activities (-3.2%).

Yet, agricultural and non-market services posted a positive growth in Q4 of 2011, estimated at 9.5% and 9.4%, year on year.

This helped reduce the negative effects of the recession of the national economy.


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