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Tunisia: Germany allocates 100 million Euros in aid to Arab Spring

“Germany, through its parliament, the Bundestag, has mobilized for the 2012-2013 budget, nearly 100 million Euros for ‘Arab Spring’ countries, including Tunisia,” said Dr. Norbert Lammert, Speaker of the Bundestag.

During a news conference held Tuesday at the end of his visit to Tunisia, Mr. Lammert said these funds will be released in accordance with business reforms and progress of the democratic process in each country.

Mr. Lammert emphasized the strong political and economic ties binding Germany and Tunisia, reasserting the German government’s and investors’ confidence in Tunisia. He reminded that 280 German companies are settled in Tunisia and that none of them has stopped its activities, despite the current events of the Revolution.

He said that other German investors could settle in Tunisia as soon as political stability is restored in the country.

Mr. Lammert also added that he had had several talks with Tunisian officials and MPs during which “emphasis was placed on the will of Germany to strengthen bilateral co-operation at the parliamentary level and to support the democratic process in Tunisia.”

“We, Germans, are the best placed to know that a democracy cannot be exported from one country to another, that each country has its cultural and historical characteristics and its expectations, that each country builds its own democracy and we cannot impose a model,” said the Speaker of the Bundestag, pointing out that Germany does not seek to teach any lessons.

He underlined, however, that several countries had expressed a real interest in the German democratic experience and its political and federal system.

The Bundestag decided, in this context, to take concrete actions to support the democratic processes in the Arab countries through the exchange and sharing of experiences.

He said that the German parliament had posted on its web site an Arabic translation of the most important laws, such as the German Constitution, the internal rules of the German Federal Parliament, the law on parties and their funding, etc.


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