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Tunisia- Halal Market: exporters are waiting around

In a sluggish economy where the price war is persistent and the purchasing power is decreasing, Tunisia can be a platform for the development and export of the Halal industry.

It is in this context that the Directorate-General for Trade and Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Commerce has launched a strategy to promote export in 2013 which will focus particularly on the diversification of exporting markets and exported products.

The Commerce Department plans to build on the development of exports of “Halal” given the increased demand for these products on the European and Asian markets.

Note in this regard that consultations are underway with the Office of the Mufti of the Republic and the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property, to prepare a certificate of compliance in this area.

This is a critical step that will, undoubtedly, help stimulate economic activity in Tunisia, which is seeking to regain its momentum after the socio-economic disturbances it has experienced.

The Halal business, a booming market!

Today, the Halal market, though still nascent, has an annual growth of 15%. The trend is upward to the delight of the Muslim community that grows mainly in Europe.

That said, if more and more brands emerge, they are not driven by the consumer’s interest but by the business behind it. This kind of industry is booming particularly for Muslim communities in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore …

Halal industries involve the areas of food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and logistics (transport circuit of Halal products), which must comply with the standards set by professionals (health, packaging, etc.)..

It remains that the export of Halal food products poses several challenges. One of the main obstacles facing exporters involves packaging and labeling, which must respond to local preferences. Some Halal products have not met with the expected success because they were poorly packaged and poorly adapted to the local market.

It should be noted that there is no Tunisian company operating in the Halal sector, and this is why the arrival of Halal products from Muslim countries would be eventually welcome.


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