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Tunisia: inflation remains stable for third month in a row (INS)

The rate of inflation remained at 5.8 % for the third consecutive month in November 2013 compared to November 2012.

For the first 11 months of the year, the average inflation rate was 6.1 %, according to the latest statistics published by the National Institute of Statistics.

This is the result, according to the INS, to the stabilization of most sector groups on year-on-year (yoy) basis, including the groups «food and drink “7.8%,” clothing and footwear, “7.2%,” transport “5.4%,” and «housing and domestic energy ‘5.1%.” Free products increased 7.3% yoy against 2.5% for subsidized products.

Similarly,”the year-on-year growth rate of free food is 9.3%, while that of subsidized food is 0.3%, “said the INS.

The inflation rate in the group “food and beverages” (7.8%) is due to higher prices of meat (9.9%), edible oils (22%), vegetables (11 7%) and fruits and dry fruits (11.1%).

Similarly, drink prices grew by 4.7%, while those of alcoholic beverages rose 13.1%.

Regarding the group “clothing and footwear, “inflation was 7.2 %, resulting from higher prices of clothing (+7.6%), footwear (+6.6%) and tissue (4.4 %). With regard to the inflation rate in the group “transport” (+5.4% ) compared to November 2012, the INS estimated that it is the result of rising prices of oil (+ 5.5% ) public and private transport services (+5.6%) , as well as car prices (+5 %) and car maintenance (+5.7%).

Regarding the group ” housing and domestic energy ” inflation rose 5.1% in November 2013 compared with the same month of last year, due to higher prices of electricity, gas and fuel (+4.8%) and rents (+5.2 %).

The inflation rate would be 4.7% in November 2013, exclusive of “energy” and “food,” said the INS.


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