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Tunisia: International investment reaches 2.5 billion dinars

International investment in Tunisia reached 2,522 million dinars in 2023, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) said in its report in international investment flows for 2023.

Compared to the last three years, this represents an increase of 13.5% compared to 2022, 34.4% compared to 2021 and 33.7% compared to 2020. On the other hand, they were 4.8% lower than in 2019.

These international investments are composed of portfolio investments for 136.8 million dinars and foreign direct investments (FDI) for 2,385 million dinars.

The FDIs are distributed as follows: 19.7% for energy, 62.1% for manufacturing, 17.5% for services and 0.8% for agriculture.

The flow of non-energy FDIs recorded in 2023 led to 638 investment operations with a total value of 1,916 million dinars, creating 14,746 new jobs. Among these investment projects:

118 (18%) relate to project creation worth 216.1 million dinars (11%), allowing the creation of 5.126 (35%) new jobs, and

520 (82%) relate to extension projects worth 1,700 million dinars (89%) allowing the creation of 9,620 (65%) new jobs.

The regional breakdown confirms the large disparities. In fact, more than 50% of FDI is concentrated in the Greater Tunis region (973 MD), mainly in the Tunis governorate (544 MD) and the North-East region with more than 24% of FDI (460 MD).

The breakdown of FDI flows by country puts France in first place with 610.5 million dinars, or more than 31% of total non-energy FDI.

Qatar is in second place with 293.7 million dinars, Italy is third with 263.4 million dinars, Germany is fourth with 237.9 million dinars and the United States is fifth with 54.9 million dinars.


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