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Tunisia is world’s 167th in Internet speed

Tunisia is ranked 167th out of 220 countries in Internet network speed by the latest report of the Worldwide Broadband Speed League, which compares Internet offers. The country is ranked tenth in the Arab world and twenty-third in Africa.

Tunisia is second in North Africa, a sub-region in which overall Internet speeds are the lowest with an average of 7.45 megabits per second (Mbps).

To download a high definition video of 5 gigabytes with a Tunisian connection, it will take a little over an hour and twenty-two minutes. The speed of the Tunisian network is 8.32 Mbps, less than Morocco (13.03 Mbps). Although the national Internet speed is above the North African average.

The speed of the national Internet connection places Tunisia in 23rd place in Africa. It is overtaken by those of Lesotho (146th) or Zimbabwe (162nd) and Malawi (164th). 

Nevertheless, Tunisia manages to display a better internet network than Egypt which is 170th in the world.

In the Arab world, Kuwait has the best Internet network speed by ranking 82nd out of 220 countries. It is followed by Qatar (95th) and the United Arab Emirates (100th). Saudi Arabia follows by ranking 101st in the world and manages to overtake the Kingdom of Bahrain (111th).

The sixth Arab country with the fastest Internet, Jordan ranks 112th in the overall list and beats the Sultanate of Oman (115th). Morocco (133rd) is eighth among Arab countries, followed by Iran (149th). Tunisia (167th) is tenth.

The African country with the best internet network is Rwanda which ranks 48th in the world. Reunion Island (74th) is second on the continent while South Africa (88th) is third. Madagascar (109th) has the fourth fastest African speed and manages to do better than Nigeria (122nd).


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