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Tunisia must raise 9.5 billion dinars in 2018

In an interview with AfricanManager, economic expert Ezzedine Saidane said Tunisia’s foreign exchange reserves are currently around 73 days of import.

“But compared to the international standard, when a country falls below 90 days of import, it becomes very difficult for it to borrow on the international financial market, especially that Tunisia is called upon to raise in the framework of budget 2018 some 9.5 billion dinars of new credits, and that is the problem, “said Saidane.

Saidane has, in the same context, said that if Tunisia cannot borrow and the foreign exchange reserves continue to decline, it could find itself in a situation of rescheduling its external debt, and that would be a shame because it would be the end of a very glorious history for Tunisia in terms of repayment of its external debt.

“Tunisia has never failed so far and has never paid its external debt late. It’s a huge asset that will be lost and it’s a shame for us, “he said.


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