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Tunisia: no increase in wages in 2014, says BCT Governor

Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) Chedli Ayari said in an interview with the London-based “Asharq al- Awsat” newspaper that Tunisia is living beyond its means. This situation requires one or two years of austerity or the country will never get out of the crisis, he added.

The Governor of the Central Bank pointed out, in addition, that the state is unable to increase wages during the year 2014.

Chedli Ayari also talked about the seriousness of the economic situation, noting that Tunisia could experience a catastrophic situation at the end of 2013. He added that inflation has reached unprecedented levels in Tunisia.

He said, in this context, that the inflation rate stands currently 6%, noting, however, that this figure is not the worst in the world, but the worst in Tunisia since the 70s.


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