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Tunisia: oil production down 10% due to social protest

Tunisia’s hydrocarbon production reached nearly 5,450 million toe (tons of oil equivalent) in 2014, posting a decrease of 10% compared to 2013, according to statistics presented Monday in Gammarth, at the 13th National Conference on “Petroleum Exploration and Production.”

It also appears from the statistics provided by the Department of Industry, that domestic production of crude oil and LPG decreased by 11% compared to 2013, reaching 2.8 million toe in 2014, despite the start of production in some new wells.

This decrease is mainly due to the intensive natural decline in some fields, the unscheduled shutdown of some fields for technical problems and repeated stops of some concessions because of strikes and social movements.

In 2015, hydrocarbon production is expected to reach, according to forecasts, the same level as that of 2014, as the normal decline of major wells will be offset by additional quantities from the complementary development of wells.

Domestic production has stabilized at a level not exceeding 2.8 million toe, after fields’ normal decline was offset by the start of production of new wells, the completion of the project of “Ashtart” concession and the start of operations of the concession “Halk El Menzel”.


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