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Tunisia: poverty decreasing continuously after rising during revolution, says WB

The World Bank (WB) said in a recent report on poverty in the Maghreb, that “there are no official poverty statistics that were published by Tunisia since 2010. The Bank’s projections show that poverty has increased after the revolution of 2011 before returning to the pre-revolution level.

From 2013 to 2016, the proportion of Tunisians living in extreme poverty (less than $ 1.9 per day) remained static at 1.9% and could fall slightly to 1.5% in 2018 “.

The international financial institution further stated that “the incidence of moderate poverty, or proportion of people living on less than $ 3.1 per day, decreased slightly from 8.3% of the 11.1 million people of Tunisia in 2013 to 7.9% in 2015.

This decrease is expected to continue, but again not by much, to arrive at a rate of 6.7% of moderate poverty in 2018 “.

It concluded: “unfortunately for Tunisia, with its young population relatively well educated, unemployment was stubbornly high, particularly among women (22%), new university graduates (31.2%), young people leaving the school and other youth (31.8%), “advising that” equal access to economic opportunities should be a priority for the new government in Tunisia.

“This is particularly important to harness the immense potential of the large population of young people whose energy and creativity can be a region’s growth engine.”


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