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Tunisia: private agricultural investment down 26.5%

The Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA) has approved 3381 investment operations worth 520 million dinars during the first eleven months of 2019, against 4603 investment operations worth 559.3 MD during the same period last year.

Agricultural investments therefore saw a 26.5% decrease in terms of number and 6.9% in terms of value, according to data published by APIA on Wednesday.

These approved investments will benefit from premiums worth 158.4 MD, i.e. 30.4% of the approved investment, at a time when most indicators are in the red.

The approved investments will generate 4,551 permanent jobs, including 307 dedicated to university graduates.

Approved housing loans fell from 105 in November 2018 to 79 loans in November 2019, down 24.8%.

In terms of value, real estate loans recorded a 24.7% decline, from 10.7 million dinars in 2018 to 9 million dinars in November 2019.

7175 investment operations worth 1261.9 MD were reported in the first eleven months of 2019, besides two operations of national importance reported to the Tunisian Investment Authority (TIA), resulting in a total reported volume of 1,436.9 MD against 7881 operations worth 1,352.4 MD during the same period in 2018.

Six investment operations with foreign participation had been approved, including two operations in the production of organic olive oil and prickly pear and the installation of an integrated unit for the packaging and processing of meat.

These investments are expected to continue to increase with the reporting of 9 major operations related to arboriculture, milk production and cheese making.


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