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Tunisia-Stock Exchange: quarterly revenues of Poulina up 17%

Poulina has achieved a significant improvement in revenue during the 3rd quarter of 2016, up 17% compared to 2015. This rise is mainly explained by the growth of all business lines except for wood and property trades and the most significant variations in sales by business segment were as follows:

1- Poultry Integration: + 22% (sales up 35 million dinars)

2 Retail and services: + 25% (an increase in sales by 13 million dinars)

3- FMCG: + 12% (sales up 10 million dinars)

4 Construction Materials: + 24% (an increase in sales by 6 million dinars)

5. Packing: + 7% (an increase in sales by 2 million dinars)

6- Steel Transformation: + 10% (an increase in sales by 2.5 million dinars)

As for the investments made during these nine months, they reached 75.8 million dinars against 99.3 million dinars in the same period in 2015; the majority of these investments, 69% is allocated to poultry business integration (52.5 million dinars to complete the new feed mill and new breeding centers).


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