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Monday 27 September 2021
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Tunisia : Terrorist plot to infect security forces with COVID-19, thwarted

The National Unit for Investigation into Terrorist Crimes announced that it had foiled a terrorist attack plot. According to the same source, the alleged perpetrator of the plot is a “takfiri element” from the governorate of Kebili, recently released from prison after being incarcerated there in a terrorism-related case.

In a statement on Thursday to TAP, spokesman for the National Guard Houssemeddine Jebabli said the terrorist element used his moral authority over the takfiris in the region, especially those with symptoms of COVID-19, to incite them to spit, cough and sneeze into the premises of the security unit in the region and the officers working there. These takfiris, subject to administrative control, have to go frequently to the unit in question.

One of the takfiri elements acknowledged the facts, admitting however, that he had been unable to execute the plan because of the strict preventive measures taken in the premises of the security unit.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Judicial Anti-Terrorist Division ordered that the main accused be placed in police custody and that the second accused be kept in mandatory medical isolation until a test is carried out to determine whether or not he is a carrier of the COVID-19.


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