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Tunisia: Tunisair to soon increase capital by 900 MD

Generally informed sources in the Ministry of Transport reported that the capital increase of Tunisair, on which the government agrees, for the moment only in principle, could bring the capital of Tunisair from 106 million dinars to 1080 million dinars.

This increase should be done in two ways. First, a direct injection in cash. Then, the abandonment or the transformation of some debts of the company.

According to sources, close to the issue in Kasbah, a discussion would also be underway, in the same context of the financial restructuring of Tunisair, on the issue of the revaluation of the company’s assets and the opportunity to assets of the company and the opportunity to incorporate it into the reflection on the capital increase.

Our source indicates that some assets are still recorded at a value in USD, significantly lower than the current dollar value.

The balance sheet of the company could draw from it some 400 MD, according to our source.


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