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Tunisia: Tunisia, world’s 99th prosperous country in 2023

Tunisia is ranked 99th out of 167 countries in the Legatum Prosperity Index 2023, an international index that measures the prosperity of countries through several criteria such as economic growth, level of education, health, well-being and quality of life of citizens.

Although Tunisia has experienced a continuous decline in its ranking since 2011, the country still manages to rank 8th among Arab and African countries.

The ranking shows that Tunisia still has a lot of work to do to improve its prosperity. The country ranks 156th in terms of social capital, which means that social interaction and community participation are low.

Governance is also an area where Tunisia needs to improve, as it ranks 63rd. In addition, Tunisia ranks poorly in terms of safety and security, occupying 122nd place.

Regarding the investment environment, Tunisia is ranked 95 out of 167, while business conditions are in 105th place and infrastructure and market access are in 94th place. Economic quality is ranked 111th, which means that the country needs to make significant progress in managing its economy.

Finally, Tunisia ranks 73rd in terms of living conditions, 79th in terms of health and 95th in terms of education. The natural environment is the lowest rated criterion for Tunisia, as the country ranks 147th.

Compared to the other most prosperous Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates ranks highest, coming in at 44th out of 167, followed by Qatar (46th), Kuwait (60th), Oman (67th) and Saudi Arabia (79th).

These countries are more prosperous than Jordan (86th) and Morocco (96th), while Tunisia (99th) is just behind.

However, Tunisia manages to do better than Algeria (109th), Lebanon (112th) and Egypt (121st) in this ranking.

Mauritius ranks as the most prosperous African country at 47th overall, followed closely by the Seychelles (51st) and South Africa (75th).

Botswana (83rd), Namibia (90th) and Morocco (96th) are also in the African top 10.

Ghana (98th) follows closely with Tunisia (99th), while Senegal ranks 102nd out of 167 and Algeria, which closes the African top 10, is 109th.


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