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Tunisia: two flights to Monastir from Banja Luka

Two planes took off, Wednesday, from the runway in Mahovljani to Monastir in Tunisia, which established a new flight line from the Banja Luka airport.

One flight was organized by the tourist agency “Kontiki Travel”, and the other was organized by “Filip Travel”, it was announced from the airport in Banja Luka.

“This is a special moment for our citizens, but also for us, because we saw off the first passengers flying to Tunisia from our area. We will continue to direct our business and negotiations with companies for new destinations to the joy of our passengers. At the same time, we will work hard with our colleagues we will raise the level of service at our airport to the highest level, as well as the operability in accordance with all aviation requirements and regulations,” said the acting director of Banjaluka Airport, Natalija Trivić.


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